Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Preview: Lust for leo 2

Without further introduction, I present you my second collection. The Lust for Leo 2: Wild in the City!

Well, as of now i dont have any proper photoshoot for this, but ill be happy to share you 4 bags from my collection.

My inspiration here are simple, i just wanted to have something FASH for your closet!

Oh yes! FASH, so i present you the following designs and their features.

1.  The Envelope Clutch
dimensions are length:12 in, Height: 8.5 in and base width is 1.75 in
Well this is good to use for parties! or even on casual events 
S.Leather Linning and magentic Closure
*Comes with a wristlet strap 

2.  Hobo/ Sling Bag
dimensions are Length:12.5 in, Height: 13.5 in Base width 2 in expandable til 4 in
**Comes with a long strap for sling usage
** Synthetic Leather, Top zipper Closure, Leopard Cotton Linning
This is great for traveling! 

3. Inspired Cambridge Satchels in Leopard
Size 11
LENGTH=11 in
HEIGHT= 8.5 in
Base width is 4 in
Size 13
base width=4
Well, Cambridge is a hit these days but im trying to give u one of a kind prints
so ive used the leopard one instead.
**S.Leather, S.Leather lining and it comes with a strap

4. The Tote
Dimensions: length: 12.5 in bottom, length: 17.5 in Top
Height is 12.5 in and base width is 3.5in
** S. Leather, Zipper Closure on top, Suede Lining
This bag is good for office workers, or still studying people 
This is spacious believe me i like it for carrying documents!
and i have one more bag that will really need you to wait for it for nextweek! so hope you can stay tuned!

So that's IT for my preview collectioN!
Thanks you!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

his birthday @Vivere Alabang

Last July 13,2011 was the birth date of my ever loving boyfriend Rico, We spent the whole day just EATING. Since our offices are near each other, i could just go there right away. To start his day, he celebrated with his officemates with AMBER's for lunch and i was there, wahh!!!! my favorite Pichi pichi!

 the ever yummy Pansit malabon.

the chicken lollipop and the PICHI PICHI!

So that was just for lunch, I was so full! 
Next was for dinner! We went back to his house after work and joined his parents for the afternoon mass. Well his dad didnt like to eat at Vivere because it's expensive and masyadong formal, so we went to the Thousand Cranes above Army Navy infront of West gate Alabng. While we were there, we cant choose what to eat, and Shabu shabu is common for me because we have it at home. Rico's mom and Rico decided to go on with their reservations at Vivere and the Sky top or lounge. We arrived together with his ate marge  and her husband kuya john and the view took my breath away!

sorry blurry :D

to start the DINNER! we ordered the following:
 It was affordable btw, it was price worthy :D

Sorry i forgot their names :D but next time ill take note! so that's what we had for dinner at the 
Vivere Hotel Alabang Muntinlupa call them to reserve a lovely dinner with ur friends and family!


The Vivere Skyline takes dining al fresco to greater heights. Located at the 31st floor, with the magnificent view of the bay and the metropolis, Skyline Restaurant and Bar offers a unique dining experience. With boundless food choices, indulge in our exquisite international entrées or try our best-selling bar chows with our delightful drink of the month while enjoying the refreshing breeze. The Skyline also offers bountiful buffets for breakfast.

Live musical ensemble plays every Thursdays and Saturdays.

Operating hours:

Sunday – Wednesday – 5:30 am – 12:00 am

*Thursday – Saturday – 6:00am – 1:00am

*Accepting reservations daily

Dress Code:

Casual Attire is permissible.

No Sleeveless Shirt (for men) and Slippers allowed.

5102 Bridgeway Ave., cor. Asean Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City Philippines 1781 Tel. No: (+632) 771-7777  Fax No.: (+632) 771 0158

Chef Stan's Cheesecake

First of all, ladies and gents DROOL! This is my brother's cheesecake and you will really have purity of the cheese with every bite, TRUST me this is not for advertisement! haha btw, so he's a Chef! well actually he's a 3rd year college student at Enderun College, so does that mean he's a chef now? hahah. He did try a lot of times and the first one was the worst one, no! ofcourse not im joking, the first one is the FIRST of the START, then he decided to have the mixture right with the perfect ingredients, viola! the CHEESECAKE!

His latest baked cheesecake was with cottage cheese and yes the CHEESE!!!! its not to creamy, its just creamy that you can still taste the cheese, i dont like those creamy cheesecake that you couldnt taste the cheese at all, that's why its called cheesecake dude. Sorry for the pictures, i took them and its not good but surely next time ill have a good one!

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Ever since i've experienced a mild stomach depression, my intake for food was lesser. I started eating less from time to time even though it's my favorite food. Two nights ago we ordered PIZZA HUT, stuffed crust Hawaiian (FAMILY SIZE) and usually i do it 2-3 slices, but since their was a change i ate a slice only. Earlier this morning, after taking a bath, I went to mom's room and i checked my weight and wow i lost 4 lbs. Instead of feeling different with my stomach, I LOVED it hahah :D lol. Anyway, this will just lead us to this. A while ago we, my bf and i, ate dinner with my sister lexa and ize at a thai resto. We were actually having a hard time choosing between Cafe Juanita and Uncle Cheffy's, but since we ate there already we tried the other one and what we needed was JUST THAI! So what we ordered was the ff:

Picture, i got from 
**i forgot to take a pic 
We ordered 2 main dishes, an appetizer and rice.
the famous shanghai type rolls.

 Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves

 I like the brown sauce more :D

 the spicy beef rice

and PAD THAI! and wait our drinks!

Thai Milk Tea :D

Just Thai is located in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City :D

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Patricia Santos Gown

Well this was last april, Im sorry Patricia! Anway i met her thru a common friend, Claire =)
I needed a dress for my friend's party and i saw her designs and i liked it! I would want to wear this again if i have something important to go to, The dress is wearable with the long skirt and without, you could remove it and have the the pleated one inside nice ryt?! so this is what i wore.

Bags i love :D

So i dont have work today and next week but i need to do some things at home. To start it all, HEY! it's been a while, I've been busy at work because im teaching and at the same time fixing my license so i could fly again. Now I'm already on the next step of waiting for my license and hopefully by next week it comes out already and i promise u that i will take some pictures during my flight :) So what im blogging about today are about BAGS! Since Christmas is around the corner, I need to get ready for my stocks for my upcoming bazaars. I will announce it if I got in already :D whahahha anyway but for sure, I'll be in Alabang, Powerplant and Megatent.

The follwoing bags are my inspirations for my new collection ( 3 month collection)
12 designs and limited pieces only.

I got this from Chloe, i love the richness of red :D This is a Vivian Tote

Then this, the MELO touch of white :D  MELI MELO bag

Then, Dooney and Bourke :D Simplicity Counts 

and yes ofcourse Marc Jacobs :D

So far that's what im looking forward to have :D 
If you have any suggestions im welcome :D Actually i need to know what u want or like for a bag :D
Hobo, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch, satchels, cross body or totes? :D All participating answers pls include ur email adds for future surprises :D

Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer Collection: summer can still wait!

Ladies! sorry for not updating my site (if u are reading them though haha)  Anyway! Ill be blogging about my new collections! Though i played with floral, animal prints, and color blocking, i think i got them going. So firstly! i would like to thank the following for the success of our shoot!

Our Models:
and Ashley Ramos!

Our Fashionable Clothes:
My new found friend :D

Our Photographers:
Philip  Lagonilla
Michael Acepcion
Bryan Saman

Our Stylists:
Lexa Poon
Alpina Blanche De Leon

and especially our MUA:
Angel Hoese

So let's begin! Shall we?!

The lovely ladies with the Animal printed Leggings!

The shoot was great! and Im sorry to Aie, because i cant help smile and Laugh every time she poses :D
She was different!!! BUT thank you so much for saying yes to model our bags and accessories!
To Ashley! she's a natural, you still have a long journey! Thanks to mafia! of, and to Nicole!!! thank you for saying also!!! thank you for that boost of confidence you've shown!! Thanks to all who helped! to MY SISTER LEXA and ALPINA!!!! Love u twin!!! hwhahahahha

So please visit my site tom!!! for new items!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Spending my 21st year on Earth!

APRIL 23,2011
 My 21st Birthday!   its my annual habit to go to Tagaytay together with my boyfriend :D

**BTW this "ligaw na sunflower" was picked by my boyfriend :D i was inspired to get a picture because of the richness of yellow of the flower :D

ANyway :D As always, we went to Buon Giorno!!! my favorite Restaurant besides Firelake :D Since it was Holyweek, we ate fish and veggies and pasta!

 This is CAPRESE, i love the sauce and the mozzarella cheese!

 My favorite GRAPE SHAKE!, my boyfriends introduced me here btw :D

 Pasta Penne :D in tomato base


 Tuna Pizza with yellow and green capsicum and the melting mozzarella


Of course, i cant eat without desert! so I asked my boyfriend to try Mochiko!
You should try it too ok?! i dont know if they have it here in manila but i guess they have :D



 MELTING with FIC!!!

BLACK SESAME one of their best sellers :D

SO that was the feast for my birthday :D But we did visit 4 churches :D 

 ever Careluega
 Church on the Hill of Don Bsco

Litttle Souls

Pink Sisters

Then lastly we went home to celebrate my birthday with my family with a simple dinner :D
Simple Joys of my life :D

**I love my family, my friends, my BOYFIE and especially God :D