Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bags i love :D

So i dont have work today and next week but i need to do some things at home. To start it all, HEY! it's been a while, I've been busy at work because im teaching and at the same time fixing my license so i could fly again. Now I'm already on the next step of waiting for my license and hopefully by next week it comes out already and i promise u that i will take some pictures during my flight :) So what im blogging about today are about BAGS! Since Christmas is around the corner, I need to get ready for my stocks for my upcoming bazaars. I will announce it if I got in already :D whahahha anyway but for sure, I'll be in Alabang, Powerplant and Megatent.

The follwoing bags are my inspirations for my new collection ( 3 month collection)
12 designs and limited pieces only.

I got this from Chloe, i love the richness of red :D This is a Vivian Tote

Then this, the MELO touch of white :D  MELI MELO bag

Then, Dooney and Bourke :D Simplicity Counts 

and yes ofcourse Marc Jacobs :D

So far that's what im looking forward to have :D 
If you have any suggestions im welcome :D Actually i need to know what u want or like for a bag :D
Hobo, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch, satchels, cross body or totes? :D All participating answers pls include ur email adds for future surprises :D

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