Saturday, 9 July 2011


Ever since i've experienced a mild stomach depression, my intake for food was lesser. I started eating less from time to time even though it's my favorite food. Two nights ago we ordered PIZZA HUT, stuffed crust Hawaiian (FAMILY SIZE) and usually i do it 2-3 slices, but since their was a change i ate a slice only. Earlier this morning, after taking a bath, I went to mom's room and i checked my weight and wow i lost 4 lbs. Instead of feeling different with my stomach, I LOVED it hahah :D lol. Anyway, this will just lead us to this. A while ago we, my bf and i, ate dinner with my sister lexa and ize at a thai resto. We were actually having a hard time choosing between Cafe Juanita and Uncle Cheffy's, but since we ate there already we tried the other one and what we needed was JUST THAI! So what we ordered was the ff:

Picture, i got from 
**i forgot to take a pic 
We ordered 2 main dishes, an appetizer and rice.
the famous shanghai type rolls.

 Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves

 I like the brown sauce more :D

 the spicy beef rice

and PAD THAI! and wait our drinks!

Thai Milk Tea :D

Just Thai is located in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City :D

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  1. i love just thai. some of my fave foods are spring rolls and gaeng khiao wan gai (chicken curry). i hope i spelled it right. haha