Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Chef Stan's Cheesecake

First of all, ladies and gents DROOL! This is my brother's cheesecake and you will really have purity of the cheese with every bite, TRUST me this is not for advertisement! haha btw, so he's a Chef! well actually he's a 3rd year college student at Enderun College, so does that mean he's a chef now? hahah. He did try a lot of times and the first one was the worst one, no! ofcourse not im joking, the first one is the FIRST of the START, then he decided to have the mixture right with the perfect ingredients, viola! the CHEESECAKE!

His latest baked cheesecake was with cottage cheese and yes the CHEESE!!!! its not to creamy, its just creamy that you can still taste the cheese, i dont like those creamy cheesecake that you couldnt taste the cheese at all, that's why its called cheesecake dude. Sorry for the pictures, i took them and its not good but surely next time ill have a good one!

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