Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer Collection: summer can still wait!

Ladies! sorry for not updating my site (if u are reading them though haha)  Anyway! Ill be blogging about my new collections! Though i played with floral, animal prints, and color blocking, i think i got them going. So firstly! i would like to thank the following for the success of our shoot!

Our Models:
and Ashley Ramos!

Our Fashionable Clothes:
My new found friend :D

Our Photographers:
Philip  Lagonilla
Michael Acepcion
Bryan Saman

Our Stylists:
Lexa Poon
Alpina Blanche De Leon

and especially our MUA:
Angel Hoese

So let's begin! Shall we?!

The lovely ladies with the Animal printed Leggings!

The shoot was great! and Im sorry to Aie, because i cant help smile and Laugh every time she poses :D
She was different!!! BUT thank you so much for saying yes to model our bags and accessories!
To Ashley! she's a natural, you still have a long journey! Thanks to mafia! of, and to Nicole!!! thank you for saying also!!! thank you for that boost of confidence you've shown!! Thanks to all who helped! to MY SISTER LEXA and ALPINA!!!! Love u twin!!! hwhahahahha

So please visit my site tom!!! for new items!

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