Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Preview: Lust for leo 2

Without further introduction, I present you my second collection. The Lust for Leo 2: Wild in the City!

Well, as of now i dont have any proper photoshoot for this, but ill be happy to share you 4 bags from my collection.

My inspiration here are simple, i just wanted to have something FASH for your closet!

Oh yes! FASH, so i present you the following designs and their features.

1.  The Envelope Clutch
dimensions are length:12 in, Height: 8.5 in and base width is 1.75 in
Well this is good to use for parties! or even on casual events 
S.Leather Linning and magentic Closure
*Comes with a wristlet strap 

2.  Hobo/ Sling Bag
dimensions are Length:12.5 in, Height: 13.5 in Base width 2 in expandable til 4 in
**Comes with a long strap for sling usage
** Synthetic Leather, Top zipper Closure, Leopard Cotton Linning
This is great for traveling! 

3. Inspired Cambridge Satchels in Leopard
Size 11
LENGTH=11 in
HEIGHT= 8.5 in
Base width is 4 in
Size 13
base width=4
Well, Cambridge is a hit these days but im trying to give u one of a kind prints
so ive used the leopard one instead.
**S.Leather, S.Leather lining and it comes with a strap

4. The Tote
Dimensions: length: 12.5 in bottom, length: 17.5 in Top
Height is 12.5 in and base width is 3.5in
** S. Leather, Zipper Closure on top, Suede Lining
This bag is good for office workers, or still studying people 
This is spacious believe me i like it for carrying documents!
and i have one more bag that will really need you to wait for it for nextweek! so hope you can stay tuned!

So that's IT for my preview collectioN!
Thanks you!