Monday, 25 April 2011

Spending my 21st year on Earth!

APRIL 23,2011
 My 21st Birthday!   its my annual habit to go to Tagaytay together with my boyfriend :D

**BTW this "ligaw na sunflower" was picked by my boyfriend :D i was inspired to get a picture because of the richness of yellow of the flower :D

ANyway :D As always, we went to Buon Giorno!!! my favorite Restaurant besides Firelake :D Since it was Holyweek, we ate fish and veggies and pasta!

 This is CAPRESE, i love the sauce and the mozzarella cheese!

 My favorite GRAPE SHAKE!, my boyfriends introduced me here btw :D

 Pasta Penne :D in tomato base


 Tuna Pizza with yellow and green capsicum and the melting mozzarella


Of course, i cant eat without desert! so I asked my boyfriend to try Mochiko!
You should try it too ok?! i dont know if they have it here in manila but i guess they have :D



 MELTING with FIC!!!

BLACK SESAME one of their best sellers :D

SO that was the feast for my birthday :D But we did visit 4 churches :D 

 ever Careluega
 Church on the Hill of Don Bsco

Litttle Souls

Pink Sisters

Then lastly we went home to celebrate my birthday with my family with a simple dinner :D
Simple Joys of my life :D

**I love my family, my friends, my BOYFIE and especially God :D


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