Monday, 14 March 2011

Meeting Patricia Santos from Gen M. :D

It was last week when i was looking for a dress to wear for two occasions, one for a birthday event and another one for a wedding. As i was browsing the world wide web (haha*), i saw Claire's pictures, i saw dresses of a designer, I told myself that i would love to have a custom made dress from her. So I commented below the album "CLAire i need a dress by april 2. hmmm pls PM me :DMarch 8 at 4:08pm" and then she chatted me and it when on. After a few hours, an unknown number texted me and poof it was Patricia Santos.

A while ago, i want to Eastwood to meet with her, when i saw her my first impression was "grabe tlga pag tv pinapataba ang tao" hahaha i did i promise haha LOL, but she's not too skinny and all she was perfectly fine haha, she was super pretty :D She should always model her dresses. ANyway, we've talked about my dress that would be gorgeous for 2 occasions and it was great. I hope that i could fit well! so i promised her to lose weight before the first event comes. By the way, before that ive already thought of the price that i would be paying her, i told her that my budget would be this small, because ive been putting a lot of effort, time and money on my upcoming bag brand! so watch our for it! she saw one of my designs already and she liked it, im glad that she liked it :D hahah anyway she told me that she could fit the budget for the dress and it will still look fab :D and i said ok kaw na bahala haha :D So i hope that in 2 and a weeks i would be trimming down haha :D

Facts about her, she was a finalist of Gen M and the following pictures are her designs :D
Patricia SAntos herself :D

 Maja with the dress she designed for 2 days :D

fabulous ryt?!

from gen M i think :D

i love this red gaupo dress :D

i think this is divine lee? :D

Gen M finals :D

**The pictures are grabbed from Claire's fb account :D

So let's wait and see :D



  1. Hi Melai!!!!!!!!!!
    i miss u! tlga whahaha. U still have ur mushy husky voice? :D hope ur better!

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  3. Just curious... What ever happened to the dress? Was Trish able to deliver?