Saturday, 19 March 2011

Chow i love !

Who does not adore a cuddly pillow like dog? Well i definitely love them. In fact we have one, her name is Missy and she just turned one! Kudos for that! Two nights ago as i logged in to my fb account i saw a post from my friend, he posted a super cute chow and i viewed the pictures of that dog. My dad was watching behind me, he told me that if i could contact the owner and ask her if she's selling one, so I immediately told him that the owner is from RUSSIA! and he said well she can ship it, so i told myself OK why not ryt? so I did message her and sadly she said that they were not selling the dog because she just got it but referred me to her friend. I visited her site but she doesnt have the same dog that she has now, but i did message her and im still waiting for her reply. So i want you guys to take a look at the BLUE dog that i saw :D

See im not lying!!! :D super pretty. By the way the owner of the dog is Svetlana Chaban.

Here's our own Missy :D

Smiles from me and Missy :D

This is when my brother is giving food hahah :D that's my lovable lhasa by the way TUBBY!

**I need to take new pictures now. This was old already, so stand by for missy and tubby!

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