Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Do u love Leopards?!

This upcoming summer, i have noticed that Leopard is coming her way! Like Preview's March Edition with Borgy and Georgina, and hell yeah I LOVED IT! I fell in love with Virtual Mae's leopard heels, but i cant wear them sadly, because im not into heels, though i only wear some occasionally :D

So into LOVING LEOPARD!, ill be releasing my Desperate Leopard Love by next month Hopefully and i promise you that u will love it as well, as i did :D i have samples right now but only few people could see it. and Ive already given the love with two lovely ladies :D I dont want to tell their names because u might wrestle with them hahah :D JOKE.

So give me 2 weeks tops and voala! Desperate for LEOPARD will shine her way!

Before everything else!!!! I saw Gold Dot's new collection and i personally love this pair
*Sorry for the pics Printscreen pics only from Gold Dot's fb page :D

 love this pair!

that's it! love love!


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  1. I'm desperate for leopard!! haha :)) oh and I got gold dot's berna wedges too :D love them! actually, can't wait pala to get them haha