Monday, 25 April 2011

Spending my 21st year on Earth!

APRIL 23,2011
 My 21st Birthday!   its my annual habit to go to Tagaytay together with my boyfriend :D

**BTW this "ligaw na sunflower" was picked by my boyfriend :D i was inspired to get a picture because of the richness of yellow of the flower :D

ANyway :D As always, we went to Buon Giorno!!! my favorite Restaurant besides Firelake :D Since it was Holyweek, we ate fish and veggies and pasta!

 This is CAPRESE, i love the sauce and the mozzarella cheese!

 My favorite GRAPE SHAKE!, my boyfriends introduced me here btw :D

 Pasta Penne :D in tomato base


 Tuna Pizza with yellow and green capsicum and the melting mozzarella


Of course, i cant eat without desert! so I asked my boyfriend to try Mochiko!
You should try it too ok?! i dont know if they have it here in manila but i guess they have :D



 MELTING with FIC!!!

BLACK SESAME one of their best sellers :D

SO that was the feast for my birthday :D But we did visit 4 churches :D 

 ever Careluega
 Church on the Hill of Don Bsco

Litttle Souls

Pink Sisters

Then lastly we went home to celebrate my birthday with my family with a simple dinner :D
Simple Joys of my life :D

**I love my family, my friends, my BOYFIE and especially God :D

Thursday, 21 April 2011

4 cities in 7 days!

last April 10, i went to China for a business Trip together with my sister and my dad, with some friends of my dad's too. I didnt know that a business trip is very tiring! So here are just some pictures to tell u about my Trip.

My first day: Xiamen, Chine. Didn't really do anything we just had a two day rest day before the actual business trip!

Our first Night: I forgot the name of the Resto but it's famous for their SEAFOODs.
At my background, there were lots of fishes, clam shells, lobsters and i dont know what else :D
MAny ryt?!
This second picture, excuse me for this one, they are local dishes in XIAMen dey are actually beach worms found in the sand. Ive tasted it and it was erhhh...squeeshy?!

This tower of octopus was one of my favorites and the jelly looking on the ryt side is the jelly form of the beach worm!!!! Well ive tasted it as well together with a VERY HOT wasabi mixture!

**so that was for the 1st nyt!

MY second Day: Still in Xiamen, CHina but we've visited some places that we've been before.

We went to Gu Lang Yu Island. Well My dad said it was the island intended for all consulars of china before, but now it was transformed as a tourist destination locally and internationally.

Here's my sister Lexa, I saw this Wall. and i fell in loved with it so i told her to post one for me :D 
Isn't it so historic?!

This is the famous NAI CHA or milk tea but with a twist! This milk tea comes with cereals and raisins :D
and it ws yummy as well :D
We left a note as well der!!! WE WERE HERE, Lovin' the milk tea -Lexa and KAth :D 
so if uve been der put a note as well :D
After a long day in Gu Lang Yu, we went to ZHONG SHAN LU, the shopping road :D
But we were not able to find good unusual things. BUt we did manage to eat this yummy caramel coated strawberry stick!!! NOMNOMONOMONOM!

After Zhong Shan Lu, we headed to a temple (traditional visits) and i saw this lady, her OUTFIT it's screaming LEOPARD :D she's a mom by the way :D 

Then we went to the beach :D and der were two old men flying kites :D 

and i saw these two old people, i dont know whether they are couples or not but i hope dey are not, because i would not want to sit apart with my husband at that age :(

Then we went to this place and i forgot the name of the place, but its the magnetic mountain as i call it, where you dont need to pedal the bike, it will just go up on its own!!! (dats my friend and friend's uncle )

Then we went to the new mall of SM in Xiamen and its like Greenbelt on us where u could fine expensive stores, and my sister went to sephora and got an international sephora discount card :D

Lastly we ate at TAIRYO, its a japanese resto where the chefs cook infront of u!

** Ill be posting some next tym for the 3rd to the last day :D 
THanks hope u enjoyed my trip as well :D

Friday, 8 April 2011

house Yoghurt Icecream!

November last year, my brother decided to buy an ice cream maker to make Yogurt Iceream :D We made a small business inside our village, where we deliver the icecream for free but now we settled on our street with a yogurt forsale sign :D So making yogurt icecream is very tiring :D well if ur the only one working :D so here our some pics for u to enjoy :D

 We offer our services to people who will be having parties :D Just give me a ring and let's talk about it :D 09179020723 =)

Monday, 4 April 2011

My love my Life =)

Well, i really love bags, but im not that kind of the u name it i have it person. I just love collecting them. I became brand conscious when i was on my last year of highschool, and i dont have fake or imitation ones, I only collect cute bags from bazaars. College started everything, i started having my allowance saved up for a bag and eventually i would buy them until i realized the collection that i have. From Ninewest, to Liz claiborne, longchamp bags, nike, lacoste, coach, TH, CK and from my aunt's hand me down Chanel. So having these bags makes me feel in heaven, though i dont have complete designer brands, i still want the common ones. So for this post, i really wanted to explore more about bags, why not make one of ur own? ur own design, ur style, ur color, ur material and so on. :D SO that's what i did :D

desperate for bags is a name given by my brother. :D IM not desperate! it's just catchy :D
so im here offering u my bags :D

 Semi leopard in ostrich can be hand carried and it has a strap as well :D
**with zipper inside :D
full leopard in tan straps :D

so if u want one get one hahaha :D 
visit site on FACEBOOK at IMPULSE CO.!