Thursday, 24 March 2011

Snap it up!

Well i cant resist of taking pictures of it so you could take a glimpse of my new collection for bracelets. Ladies, i prefer wearing bracelets than wearing necklaces haha. SO anyway. This collection is kindy old, but i have improved it to the max! Now it's leather, actually leatherette but still much better :D

So for my new collection, you could actually wear it and design it in different ways but of-course i cant tell u now because u myt have the idea already. Ill have it for a SURPRISE! :D 
STAY tuned?! :D


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lust for Leo coming soon!

HI ladies! i just want to give u an update about my Lust for Leo collection! its coming up pretty closely :D hope to have everything on time. by April :D I need few ideas on how to spread my items. hmmm well If you know any event that will be having a Fashion Show please :D tell me. And if u have an upcoming event to attend to, ill have u used my bag :) so yes this is the official magazine cover of Lust for leo. Cant wait for the bag guide.!

** thanks to my dearest Neighbor Honey of Somnium et Vita for the support and ideas!



Saturday, 19 March 2011

Chow i love !

Who does not adore a cuddly pillow like dog? Well i definitely love them. In fact we have one, her name is Missy and she just turned one! Kudos for that! Two nights ago as i logged in to my fb account i saw a post from my friend, he posted a super cute chow and i viewed the pictures of that dog. My dad was watching behind me, he told me that if i could contact the owner and ask her if she's selling one, so I immediately told him that the owner is from RUSSIA! and he said well she can ship it, so i told myself OK why not ryt? so I did message her and sadly she said that they were not selling the dog because she just got it but referred me to her friend. I visited her site but she doesnt have the same dog that she has now, but i did message her and im still waiting for her reply. So i want you guys to take a look at the BLUE dog that i saw :D

See im not lying!!! :D super pretty. By the way the owner of the dog is Svetlana Chaban.

Here's our own Missy :D

Smiles from me and Missy :D

This is when my brother is giving food hahah :D that's my lovable lhasa by the way TUBBY!

**I need to take new pictures now. This was old already, so stand by for missy and tubby!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Do u love Leopards?!

This upcoming summer, i have noticed that Leopard is coming her way! Like Preview's March Edition with Borgy and Georgina, and hell yeah I LOVED IT! I fell in love with Virtual Mae's leopard heels, but i cant wear them sadly, because im not into heels, though i only wear some occasionally :D

So into LOVING LEOPARD!, ill be releasing my Desperate Leopard Love by next month Hopefully and i promise you that u will love it as well, as i did :D i have samples right now but only few people could see it. and Ive already given the love with two lovely ladies :D I dont want to tell their names because u might wrestle with them hahah :D JOKE.

So give me 2 weeks tops and voala! Desperate for LEOPARD will shine her way!

Before everything else!!!! I saw Gold Dot's new collection and i personally love this pair
*Sorry for the pics Printscreen pics only from Gold Dot's fb page :D

 love this pair!

that's it! love love!


Monday, 14 March 2011

Meeting Patricia Santos from Gen M. :D

It was last week when i was looking for a dress to wear for two occasions, one for a birthday event and another one for a wedding. As i was browsing the world wide web (haha*), i saw Claire's pictures, i saw dresses of a designer, I told myself that i would love to have a custom made dress from her. So I commented below the album "CLAire i need a dress by april 2. hmmm pls PM me :DMarch 8 at 4:08pm" and then she chatted me and it when on. After a few hours, an unknown number texted me and poof it was Patricia Santos.

A while ago, i want to Eastwood to meet with her, when i saw her my first impression was "grabe tlga pag tv pinapataba ang tao" hahaha i did i promise haha LOL, but she's not too skinny and all she was perfectly fine haha, she was super pretty :D She should always model her dresses. ANyway, we've talked about my dress that would be gorgeous for 2 occasions and it was great. I hope that i could fit well! so i promised her to lose weight before the first event comes. By the way, before that ive already thought of the price that i would be paying her, i told her that my budget would be this small, because ive been putting a lot of effort, time and money on my upcoming bag brand! so watch our for it! she saw one of my designs already and she liked it, im glad that she liked it :D hahah anyway she told me that she could fit the budget for the dress and it will still look fab :D and i said ok kaw na bahala haha :D So i hope that in 2 and a weeks i would be trimming down haha :D

Facts about her, she was a finalist of Gen M and the following pictures are her designs :D
Patricia SAntos herself :D

 Maja with the dress she designed for 2 days :D

fabulous ryt?!

from gen M i think :D

i love this red gaupo dress :D

i think this is divine lee? :D

Gen M finals :D

**The pictures are grabbed from Claire's fb account :D

So let's wait and see :D


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

First of everything

Hi lovely bloggers!

 Ill be blogging as soon as i have something in mind :D Though i have one now, but i prefer having it fully organized, I hope that ill be learning a lot and loving every time of blogging!

More power to u all!

Reesh <3